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Category: Architecture

Self Organised Architecture (SOA) & Aisteach Queer Housing Group

In the context of the housing market and homelessness crisis, join us to discuss alternative housing strategies. SOA is a research collaborative working to establish community-led housing in Ireland. Aisteach Queer Housing Co-operative provides housing and housing support for the LGBTQI community.


SOLD OUT! What would Herbert Simms Do? 

Dublin city architect Herbert Simms designed durable, people-centred and iconic housing at a time of economic hardship in the city. Seventy-five years after his death, we ask if his vision for the city could inspire planners today. Joining Dublin historian Donal Fallon to discuss what makes good housing are Rory Hearne, housing policy commentator and author of Gaffs, and artist Mandy O’Neill, whose research considers themes of place, belonging and perception. Performance by poet Roxanna Nic Liam.