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Category: Film

Pure Grit – followed by Director Kim Bartley in conversation with Dearbhla Walsh

In a Native American racing world dominated by male riders, Sharmaine is a young woman determined to become a champ again, but life and love keep getting in the way. Set in the remote Wyoming wilderness of the Wind River reservation, Pure Grit is both a thrilling tale of extreme bareback horse racing and an intimate love story.

Screening is followed by a Q&A with director Kim Bartley.

D7 Collective – Short Films

Amongst a programme of short films curated by “The GALPAL Collective”  arts and media collective, dedicated to the celebration and creation of works by young queer folk, women, and people of colour. We will premiere a short film shot in Phibsborough produced for Phizzfest 2024 in collaboration with the photographer/filmmaker Ellius Grace.



Film: 5 Broken Cameras (Palestine)

Oscar-nominated documentary film 5 Broken Cameras tells the story of a Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat who chronicles his non-violent resistance to the Israeli armed forces in the West Bank. In his village, a separation barrier is being built and the villagers start to resist this decision. Over five years, Emad films the struggle, alongside filming his young son Gibreel as he grows. The screening will include Palestinian food, with speakers and an information stall from the IPSC.

All You Need is Death followed by Director Paul Duane in conversation with Derek O’Connor

A young couple travels at night with the desire to discover forbidden knowledge. They believe that living, modern alchemy is contained in old, forgotten songs. When they find an elderly, mysterious woman who sings songs that have never been heard before, they open the door to an ancient evil and madness. Q&A with the Director Paul Duane and Irish writer and film-maker Derek O’Connor